Launching Apico, your new API playground

Jan 5, 2024haxzie
Launching Apico, your new API playground

Hello World! Today we are excited to announce Apico, something we have been building for the past few months to solve the problems developers have been facing for years. The project is our take on solving problems around integrating OAuth applications and access to APIs for the most basic things.

We built Apico to help save developers hours from idea, to access APIs of the most popular SaaS solutions out there. Instead of spending hours building OAuth integrations, finding API keys, meddling through API Docs, setting up a postman project to get started, Apico brings everything in one place within just a few clicks.

What is Apico?

At the heart of product, Apico is a combination of 4 major features, carefully crafted for developers to feel at home with existing workflows.

1. App Integrations

Apico allows you to quickly integrate your favourite apps into your account within few simple clicks. There are multiple ways we authenticate you with these apps. Currently we support OAuth 2.0 and API Keys to help you integrate quickly.

2. Quick and Secure APIs

Once the integration is done, Apico will provide you with APIs which relays to the original integration. We take care of token generation, rotation, encryption and securely storing the keys so you don't have to build this on your own.

3. Powerful API Playground

We don't leave you hanging around API docs or guides, Apico has a built in API Explorer which comes preloaded with all the APIs you require to get started with. Instead of spending hours to go through docs and setting up your API client with Postman, we give you an intuitive playground to try out the APIs before you integrate them into your codebase.

4. Code Samples

APIs just dont close the loop unless you get access to code samples on how to use them. With a built in library of code generators, Apico can generate samples for more than 10 different programming languages and libraries which you can simply copy and paste into the code.

What's in for you?

Apico will be the perfect fit for your workflows if you are one of the below mentioned users

  1. You are a developer building apps who want to integrate data from a third party SaaS,
  2. You want to prototype ideas without having to build complex backend, but just use existing SaaS tools which allows you to store data
  3. You want to quickly send notifications or alerts from your codebase into internal tools
  4. You need APIs to be used within no-code app builders without worrying about token rotations and security
  5. You want to build forms to capture data but send the data to specific SaaS that you use internally
  6. You are hacking around new ideas, Apico will be a life saver!

What's next?

This is just the begining of our commitment to make software development and integrations easier for everyone. We will be continously exploring ideas and features to help improve your workflows. Got any feedback, suggestions, or want to request an integration? Feel free to reach out to us at